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1971 Hemi Cuda 426 Convertible

You may recognize this car from the TV show Nash Bridges. The main difference is that this is the real 71 Yellow Hemi Cuda Convertible. Actor Don Johnson saw this particular car in the hardback book AMERICAN MUSCLE, and said this was the car he wanted for his show. The person delegated with the duty to come up with the car quickly realized that this car was very rare and not for sale; and not a car that should be wrecked making a TV show. The decision was made to have a company make four clone cars from photos of this car using a variety of Cuda convertible body parts and motors, none of which were a Hemi. You can read this story in the Feb 1997 issue of Mopar Muscle magazine.

The 1971 year was the last year of production for the Hemi cars. There were nine 71 Hemi Cuda convertibles produced in 1971. Seven were manufactured for the US distribution, and two were built for export. Six of the 71 Hemi Cuda convertibles were automatics and three were four speeds. This 1971 Hemi convertible was special ordered by the customer and was the last car produced for the US Distribution.

The documentation on this car consists of three broadcast sheets, the original sales invoice, delivery inspection sheet, and  several Chrysler bulletins. The options are as follows: High Impact-Lemon Twist yellow, white vinyl bucket seat interior, power convertible top, 426 Hemi motor, Torqueflite transmission, performance axle package, road lights, console, rallye gauges package, racing mirrors, AM radio, stereo tape cassette w/ microphone, rallye wheels, collapsible spare, and F60x15 raised white letter tires.

This car was restored in the late 80's by Vincent di Giuseppe, currently with The Old Car Warehouse in Wallingford, CT. It has been featured in numerous books and magazines -- so many that it would be hard to compile a complete list. Perhaps one of the most photographed and publicized musclecars of its era.

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