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1970 Buick GSX Stage I 455

The GSX was Buicks shining moment in the competition to produce and sell high performance cars. It is based on GMs Chevelle A-body and shares many similarities. Unless you were already an avid Buick fan, one would typically think of Buick as purely a luxury car not related to high performance. Well, did Buick ever prove a lot of folks wrong with that misconception! Besides the bold colors like the Saturn Yellow with vivid graphic and stripes, rear deck and front spoilers etc, the car was very quick.

There were 678 GSXs produced in 1970, with fewer than that produced with the 455 Stage I motor. The Stage I included a special high lift cam, heavy duty valve springs, dual low-restrictive exhaust, and functional air induction from the hood scoops. The Stage I was rated at 360 HP, which is believed by many to be grossly under-rated. There have been severe competitions between Buick enthusiasts and Mopar enthusiasts, which have resulted in races going both ways. When the factory rating is only 360 HP on the Stage I GSX and 425 HP on the Hemi, something is wrong with the Buick factory ratings.

The GSX here is equipped as follows: Saturn Yellow GSX package with special front and rear spoilers, 455 Stage I motor, turbo hydra-matic 400 automatic, buckets, console and console shifter, hood tach, ram air induction hood, heavy duty suspension, power steering, power brakes, power front disc brakes, air conditioning, G60x15 raised white letter tires, 15 inch chrome rally wheels, AM radio, and rally steering wheel. The GSX had looks, performance, and even a hint of luxury.

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